James Hutton Limited

Web Design & Development in Drupal 8

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Harnessing the expertise, intellectual properties, facilities and resources of the James Hutton Institute, James Hutton Limited offers commercial customers a comprehensive range of analytical, commercial research, crop science, consultancy and scientific project services.

The Results

A website that showcases the services of the facility in a user-centric manner.  Visitors can easily find the information they need by browsing via Industry or Service.  The design retains a flavour of the James Hutton Institute website (hutton.ac.uk) whilst displaying a more corporate image.

The website was built in a manner that is easy to maintain in comparison with the previous website which was inflexible for content editors.  The creation of several components, which the editor can drop into a page and re-order, allow for flexible addition of content.

The website is heavily data driven, which allows various types of content to be linked easily by content editors.  For example, publications, staff and news can easily be connected with a service or industry.

API integration with the client’s marketing tool, Pardot was also implemented.

JHL Screenshot